Have you watched “Lost in space” on Netflix?

It was my first tv show watched on Netflix. I love SF movies. This one, like many others talk about the struggle of humanity to survive his own.

We are full of bad feelings and we don’t know how to make this feelings disappear.

In one day we will be the victims of our actions.

Can we all ever acting as one and only being?

Each of us are made from cells who has theirs own individuality.

In many cases some of their decide to act badly. That’s how we get a lot of deadly illnesses like cancer or many others …

If the cells from which we are made of would have a common consciousness would realize that they must fight for the good of the body and we would be healthier.

Similarly, each of us are a cell in the body of human kind. We are starting to communicate each other and we are starting to grow a common consciousness, but we must learn how to prioritize our common needs abandoning individual needs.

Could we ever accomplish this?

There is only one answer: we will or we won’t be at all!